Rouen Cathedral - The Technical Prowess Of A Scaffolding Structure

A custom-made scaffold covers part of the cast iron spire of the cathedral of Rouen (Seine-Maritime) which culminates at 152 meters. Designed by Tubesca-Comabi (Trévoux, Rhône) and Lanfry (Rouen), it will be raised by another 20 meters as the restoration project progresses, which will last six years. It is complemented by two fixed elements: a platform for storing materials, at 38 meters, and a base of operations (including cloakrooms, refectory, toilets), perched at 55 meters in a stone tower.

The constraints of working at height, the very fragile elements in protrusion and the need to make anchors in stone joints to stabilize the scaffolding have made its pose delicate. The project financed by the French State (14 million Euros) aims to restore neo-Gothic decors, which shall consist of stripping the current lead paint and repainting the cast iron steel structure that consolidates it. In addition to this, the project is to be completed without disturbing the masses or visitors.

This project not only highlights the incredible capabilities in which custom-built scaffolding structures can achieve for complex restoration projects but also indicates the attention to health and safety project managers must maintain on a daily basis, both for building technicians and the general public below.