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The redevelopment of King's Cross station in London lasted for five years and marked a significant milestone in the transformation process of the British capital. The project, managed by John McAslan + Partners, is part of an intervention that envisaged three approaches: the reuse of spaces, restructuring and the use of new construction | FX Scaffolding Services Essex

The biggest problem was to be able to combine the demands of modernity and design with the architectural-historical constraints provided for large portions of the stations. The new station did not change the facade of the building, dating back to 1852, but enhanced the aesthetic appearance and enhanced the interior spaces, making them more enjoyable for visitors.

Concerning the construction method, prefabricated scaffolding systems were used to make the roof; completing the shell, the scaffold was removed manually, so that the load weight of the cover enables the correct pose of the structure.

The project pursues the ultimate goal of regenerating an entire neighbourhood, characterised in particular by recent state of degradation, making it an attractive hub and always offering new services to more than 50 million passengers passing through the station every year.

This project not only highlights the incredible capabilities in which custom-built scaffolding structures can achieve for complex restoration projects but also indicates the attention to health and safety project managers must maintain on a daily basis.

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